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Real Money: All You Need To Know About Gold, Fiat Currencies And Wealth Protection (Gold Investing, Financial Crisis, Currency, How To Make Money, How ... In Gold, Precious Metals, Debt, Dollar)

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2016 NEW EDITIONFor over 5000 years man has valued gold as money. At no point in history did gold lose its value.Gold is a long forgotten store of value that...


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For over 5000 years man has valued gold as money. At no point in history did gold lose its value.

Gold is a long forgotten store of value that was once the center of the global financial system, suddenly matters a great deal again. It has become a leading asset by virtue of its strong performance, and its booming demand has made it the only financial asset that remains in an uninterrupted bull market. And yet gold remains one of the least-owned financial assets in investment portfolios today.

Fiat currency on the other hand as plagued the world and has been infused into modern society. Governments have made fiat currency necessary and have total power over each and every one of us. Fiat currency can and will be printed into oblivion until it becomes worthless. Every country uses fiat currency and all of them are backed by nothing.

It is up to you to decide which you would rather prefer. 

The best investment is in your own education.

- The purpose of this book is to supply comprehensive knowledge on gold as an investment and to provide the big picture on international currencies. 
- This book provides an in depth explanation on gold and why money and currency are two separate entities. It seeks to adequately inform the reader on modern day world currencies and the state that they are in. 
- This book covers many topics on gold and provides sufficient information on how a novice can invest in gold the right way. It seeks to reveal the truth behind the world monetary system and how one can obtain wealth protection in times of financial crisis.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Real Money offers a vast amount of knowledge on gold and fiat currencies

Chapters included in the book: 

- Introduction 
- History Of Gold 
- The US Dollar
- Gold As A Currency
- Dollar Collapse
- Currency Supply
- Relevance Of Gold And Silver
- How And What To Buy

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