Buying and Selling Gold: A Primer for the Beginning Investor

Buying and Selling Gold: A Primer for the Beginning Investor

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"Buying and Selling Gold & Silver, A Primer for the Beginning Investor" covers the basics of goldand silver investing 
but does not give sell you any product or direct you to any broker.The goal here is to give you enough information to prevent 
any unwise purchases in the very beginning of your gold and silver investing adventure.

Published in full color. Beautiful photos of the coins and bullion are included. 

Buying gold and silver is in the news in a big way. It all seems very complicated and maybe risky to the small investor that 
is looking for a way to stabilize their future.Stock prices go up and down drastically, real estate values are plummeting, job 
security is out the window,and here you are wondering if maybe gold and silver could be the answer to stabilizing your 
financial future. Buying gold and silver is similar to stepping onto a used car lot. Fast talk and seemingly rational 
explanations can send you home with a lemon.

There is a lot of hype circulating on the Internet these days and new dealers are popping up every day due to the retail demand. 
This requires you to be extra careful and doyour research before you decide on where and what to buy.Decide what gold and 
silver products are the best investment for you before contacting a dealer.This allows the process to become very smooth and 
effortless eliminating buyer's remorse.

 --- Partial Contents --- 

* Is Gold and Silver Investing Safe for You? 

* Government Reporting Clarified 

* The Business of Buying and Selling 

* About Government Gold Confiscation 

* Finding a Reputable Dealer 

* Investing in Silver 

* Investing in Gold 

* Scams 

* Storing Gold and Silver Investments

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