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Car Insurance Made Simple: Insights from a 20+ year veteran of the auto insurance industry help you avoid the pitfalls and get more for your insurance dollar.

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Let's consider some stage behaviors:"Jerry has decided that it's time to turn his den into a "media room and is shopping for a really big flat-screen TV. He checks Consumer...


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Let's consider some stage behaviors:
"Jerry has decided that it's time to turn his den into a "media room and is shopping for a really big flat-screen TV. He checks Consumer Reports. He reads online reviews. He learns the definitions of terms such as HDMI and 1080i. Finally, he decides exactly what he wants and goes to a half-dozen stores checking prices. Finally, he make a purchase.

A couple months later, Jerry and his wife decide that they need a new car. He spends several hours on the internet looking at the features of different cars. He goes back to Consumer Reports. He talks to his friends about their cars. He checks the ads online. Finally, he goes to a number of different dealers, and compares prices.

Six months later, Jerry gets a renewal notice from his auto insurance company. He pays the bill."

The strange behavior is not in spending hours making sure that he got a good deal on the TV or car that he wanted. That was time well spent. The strange behavior is that he didn't do the same thing when the insurance renewal came. His insurance costs him hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars. And it cost him that every six months. Jerry may well be paying twice as much as he has to for his auto insurance, but he'll never know - because he doesn't shop.

I've been working in insurance for more than twenty years, and I have been a consumer longer than that. I'm always amazed when I talk to friends and acquaintances, and they tell me that they've been with one company for years and have never shopped for a better deal. They could be saving a lot of money.

Of course, they have their reasons. Sometimes they tell me that since all insurance is alike, there's no point. Sometimes they tell me that the policies are just too confusing. And occasionally they tell me they really hadn't thought about it. In this book we'll deal with the first two excuses and try to give you some good reasons not only to think about shopping your insurance, but show you how to actually do something about it.